Estate Sales

The passing of a loved one, divorce, downsizing, a major move or reducing debt are all common reasons people find themselves needing to liquidate assets through an estate sale. We plan, organize and conduct all types of estate sales across Metro Detroit. 

Downsizing and Move Management

Downsizing can be an overwhelming task. From deciding what to keep and what to sell, to choosing realtors, movers and other professional services such as cleaning and painting, it can be too much to do alone. Ask us about how we can help you move on to your next life chapter!

Military Items

Online Sales and Consignment

Items not sold during an estate sale can sometimes be sold online. We offer consignment services to reach a larger market and increase profits.

Post Sale Item Disposal and Cleaning

Every estate sale has some items left over. We can help coordinate donation and/or disposal. We also  offer deep-cleaning services. 

At Green Eyes Estate Sales, it is our business to know the current market value of your items and set the best possible price for the client. We are proud to work with a network of individual market professionals that appraise, evaluate, repair and prepare your items for sale. 

Military Items from all Eras
Contemporary and Vintage Household Items
Music Equipment  and Instruments
Fine and Costume Jewelry