Our Estate Sale Process

Step One:

Free Consultation

  • We will meet you at the sale location and suggest which type of sale option is the best fit for you. We will discuss details of hosting a sale that are specific to your needs and goals.

  • Together we will walk through the house and generally evaluate the items to be sold. We will also request to be informed of any property that will NOT be included in the sale.

  • Together we will determine an available date to hold the sale. Once both parties have agreed and signed a contract, we will move forward to planning the sale.

  • Finally, we will review documents regarding the estate sale process and our estate sale contract.

Step Two:



  • At this time, Green Eyes Estate Sales will inventory the items to be sold and begin to determine the  values based on current fair market value. This process involves experience from comparable sales, market research, as well as the history and condition of each item.

  • All property that is NOT included in the sale should be removed from the home at this time, or stored in a designated area and clearly marked “Not For Sale."

  • We will create a customized inventory report covering all property to be sold.

  • Photographs, advertising, sale set-up, sale length, customer parking and customer access will also be discussed and planned during this phase.

  • A post-sale plan detailing what you would like to do with the remaining unsold property will be discussed. Options include, but are not limited to:  donation, consignment, and/or trash removal.

Step Three:

Staging and


  • At this point, we will stage and organize belongings to be sold in a manner that will maximize visibility and profitability. We make your things look so good, you'll want to buy them!

  • We will finalize pricing  your items based on current market value, taking care to research local and national commerce trends for resale goods. We spend significant time researching  items of special interest, including antiques, vintage items,  jewelry and collectibles, in order to establish the best price for the  items.

  • We will provide tables, signage and various other display solutions and create an environment similar to a retail store.

Step Four:

Conducting the Sale

  • At this stage, Green Eyes Estate Sale will open the doors to the public and the sale begins. Sale duration and hours will be posted.

  • During the sale, we will accept cash and credit cards in payment. Personal checks will NOT be accepted.

  • Upon entering, customers will be informed of sale procedures and policies, including where in the home items are available and which areas of the home are off limits.

  • An experienced security professional attends each sale to ensure a safe environment from beginning to end.

  • During the sale, our staff will be strategically located to assist customers while shopping and monitor the property.  Staff will constantly update the staging and displaying of the items to be sold to maintain an optimal presentation of your property.

Step Five:

Post Sale

  • At the conclusion of the sale, Green Eyes Estate Sales will ensure that all purchased items have been collected by the purchaser and removed from the sale location.

  • Arrangements will be made to handle unsold property according to the plan discussed in Step Two.

  • Green Eyes Estate Sales will remove all tables, signage and displays provided by us and leave the property “broom swept” clean.

Step Six:


  • Green Eyes Estate Sales will provide a Final Sale Financial Report and a payout check within 7-10 business days upon completion of the sale.

  • We will request you provide at your convenience a testimonial statement regarding our services.