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Estate Sale, Estate Sales
Our Story

I wanted a company that cared about my family and their best interests the way I do. 

I couldn't find one...

So I started my own.

Estate sale, estate sales

   In 2015, I interviewed estate sale companies to help my grandmother downsize from her home in Birmingham, MI. Unsatisfied with all the proposals I received, I handled the sale myself and discovered a love for the business.


   A year later, I opened Green Eyes Estate Sales, LLC. I love what I do! An avid estate sale customer, I cultivated my hobby of collecting and restoring antiques, furniture and costume jewelry into a business that sells everything from Victorian brooches to modern furniture, luxury handbags, sports memorabilia and retro toys. My husband (and favorite employee!) is a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief who ensures that all logistical, set-up and security concerns are addressed so that each sale is efficient and organized. Together with our team we have successfully liquidated residential and commercial estates of all sizes since opening in 2016, creating custom service plans for each sale.


   I am thrilled each time a client chooses my company. My team and I provide profit-gaining business services, along with the compassion to help those going through a life transition. We treat each client just as I treated my first, my wonderful Grammy!


   When you choose Green Eyes Estate Sales, you get more than a company that simply sells your belongings and collects a commission. You get a sale plan that is tailored to your specific needs, access to public and private buyers, and the peace of mind that the company you hired will go above and beyond our competitors to make sure your sale is a success. Our Green Eyes family is ready to work for yours, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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